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As part of Borden's southern Indiana arts revitalization program, the Valley Handmade Marketplace is forming to help artisans, entertainers, craftsmen, etc. to market any handmade or artistic creations. This site is open to individuals in the Indiana Arts Commision (IAC) - Region 12 which includes Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Jefferson, Scott, and Washington counties in Indiana.

The Valley Handmade Marketplace can include listings for painting, photography, drawing, sewing, sculpture, clay, crafts, woodworking, foods, dance, entertainment, and any handmade items.

This site is a free service and there is no charge for inclusion. Donations are accepted and will go to the Borden Parks Department and will be used to further Borden's southern Indiana arts revitalization program.

Our community has a wealth of talent that is to a large degree undiscovered. Join us on our journey as we build Valley Handmade Marketplace into a variety of retail and egagement opportunities for local talent.

Submitting Work

Any person in Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Jefferson, Scott, and Washington counties in Indiana can request a profile to be created on this site by completing the information below and sending it in e-mail to:

Biography - Please briefly describe yourself and your handmade items. If applicable, please describe the inspiration of your artwork and include a photograph of yourself if you are comfortable with displaying this online

Pricing – Please summarize the pricing of your products.

Links - If you have an online store (e.g. Etsy, Ebay), online portfolio, Facebook page, etc. include relevant hyperlinks.

Photos – Include as many photos of your work as you’d like to display. Please compress these in a zip file if you are able to do that. If you do not have a camera to take quality photos, ask to schedule a studio session.